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Bioentrepreneurship and Extension Services

The Department of Bio-entrepreneurship and Extension Services (BED) is one of the technical departments at the National Biotechnology Development Agency (NABDA), under the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology, (FMST). The emergence of the department is to promote efficiency for Biotechnology Product delivery through bridging of research outputs with the market place.  Biotechnology as a cutting-edge science can only make positive impact when results are processed through skills of entrepreneurship. The department is divided into two divisions namely Product Development and Industrialization & Bioentrepreneurship.

The department is critical to the “Acquisition of the relevant Biotechnologies for indigenous and self-reliant development for the national growth and accelerated socio-economic well-being firstly to Nigerians and also Africans”.


  • Ensure that Nigerians have access to safe and profitable use of Biotech-based products and services.
  • Promote the attainment of self-reliance in the Nigerian biotech industry
  • Ensure acquisition of manufacturing capability and attainment of high levels of expertise in all aspects of biotechnology for both value-added and basic components through continuous R & D
  • Resolve both ethical issues and environmental concerns as we acquire and develop the Biotech industry in Nigeria.

The department in collaboration with the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile-Ife, Osun State and Premium Ranch Nigeria Limited is putting in place a Bio-ethanol Pilot Plant for teaching and an Ethanol Microdistillery (EMD) at NABDA’s BIODEC Ogbomoso respectively. The EMD is first of its kind in Nigeria.

The Fermentation Tank, at the Biodec Center Ogbomosho, Oyo State.
The Fermentation Tank, at the Biodec Center Ogbomosho, Oyo State.
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Distillation Unit at the Biodec Center Ogbomosho Oyo State.

The Department has 47 staff these include the scientific officers, engineers, administrative officers, technical & commercial officers, Industrial attaché and Youth Corpers at any time of the year. The department is divided into two divisions:

  1. Products Development

This division handles the development/ production of ‘low hanging research fruits’ such as:

  • Starter Culture development
  • Fermented Products development (Yoghurt)
  • Mobile Biogas development
  • Bioreactors
  • Eco-sanitation facility
  • Ebola Diagnostic Kits
  • Temporary immersion Bioreactors (TIBs) for mass production of Elite Plants
  • Stem Cell Technology.
  • Aquaculture for Fingerlings production
  • Production of cryopreserved semen for livestock farmers
  • Germplasm of indigenous fauna and flora
  1. Industrialization & Bio-entrepreneurship

This division handles issues that concern the following:

  • Bioreactor, Pilot and Production Plant establishment.
  • Up-scaling and laboratory system to pilot scale and negotiations to establish production plants
  • Appropriate mechanisms that will ensure the deployment of research output from the relevant sectors of Biosciences as generated by the technical departments, for commercialization.
  • Bridging the laboratories and the market place for delivery of biotech R & D output.
  • Elaborations of new enterprises to enable Nigeria to participate in the emerging global bio-economy.
  • Regular Entrepreneurial Training.


  • Promotion and establishment of biotechnology enterprises.
    • Compendium of market-driven enterprises with R&D results.
      • Identification and compilation of established profitable enterprises
      • Zonal survey of research institutions for the compilation of shelve enterprise R & D
    •  Development of bio-enterprises and introduction through extension activities
      • Identification of interim consultants for the specific bio-enterprises.
      • Exposure of designated NABDA staff to skills of specific bio-enterprises.
      • Development of investment profiles for each adopted enterprise.
      • Acquisition and construction of appropriate tools and equipment for the demonstration of enterprises at appropriate locations in each zone
      • Training of designated NABDA staff in extension practices
    •  Training courses for youths, women and other entrepreneurs.
      • Well planned practical courses involving interim consultants and designated trained NABDA staff in all adopted enterprises
      • Advertisement of courses calling for applications prior to the time
      • Mounting of zonal courses
      • Courses to be certificate awarding
  • Copy and adaptation of technologies including the introduction of manufacturing capacity for important biotechnology products
    • Identification and negotiation for expired profitable and expandable patents
    • Provision of conducive climate for the establishment of enterprises
    • Negotiation terms to include capacity building as well as the transfer of enterprise outfit after a period to NABDA
    • Fabrication of equipment/machinery for proven enterprises through the application of copy and adaptation technology
  • Establishment of linkages
    • Forging of linkages between laboratories & investors
    • Facilitation of deployment of research outputs to pilot scale
    • Development of zonal pilot plant clusters
    • The wooing of local investors
    • Training and a good understanding of IPR issues
    • Designation of a desk for IPR issues
  • Development of Biotechnology Park(s)
    • Movement of Pilot plants to industrial scale
    • Attraction of investors
    • Zonal Biotech industrial clusters

Dr. Lawan Danjuma Suleiman

Director/Head of Dept