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Department of Agricultural Biotechnology

The activities of the Department are geared towards the use of biotechnology to meet the National Agricultural Transformation Agenda (ATA) targets on agriculture and food security.

MISSION: To undertake research, development and innovation, promotion and deployment of appropriate biotechnologies for increased productivity and value chain development to enhance sustainable agriculture and food security.

VISION: To become a centre of excellence in research and development, promotion, policy implementation and service delivery in agricultural biotechnology.
  • Acquisition and domestication of innovative and emerging biotechnologies for sustainable agriculture based on established ethical/biosafety protocols
  • Improvement and development of higher-yielding crop varieties that are resistant/ tolerant to prevailing abiotic (drought, flooding, salinity etc.) & biotic (e.g. pest & diseases) stresses, biofortification and value chain development aimed at linking farmers with emerging technologies & markets
  • Development & provision of genetic modification approach for increased efficiency of high-quality food & animal production
  • Education, public awareness & sensitization on genetically improved crops varieties developed and made available for sustainable food production.
ACTIVITIES: The Department operates under two main divisions; Plant and Animal Biotechnology. The Open Forum on Agricultural Biotechnology (OFAB) is a key programme of the Outreach unit and is directly under the office of the Director.


Plant Biotechnology Divison

The activities of this Division include R&D and training on conventional tissue culture, Temporary Immersion Reaction System (TIBs), plant transformation, agronomy, plant protection, and post-harvest processing technologies.

Animal Biotechnology Division

Research activities of the Division are geared towards the development of sustainable aquaculture & livestock industries. These include catfish & tilapia reproduction technologies, fish feed production technologies, local raw materials for fish feed production, enhanced livestock reproduction technologies, artificial insemination, oestrus synchronization, mass ovulation in conjunction with embryo transfer, in vitro fertilization and other activities that improve livestock production & veterinary as well as training on broodstock management and fingerlings production.

Open Forum on Agricultural Biotechnology ( OFAB)

This is an initiative of the African Agricultural Technology Foundation (AATF). It was established in 2009 with NABDA as the host organization and Agricultural Research Council of Nigeria (ARCN) as co-host. Activities of the OFAB, Nigeria include: bringing together and networking of stakeholders national and international to enhance the promotion of Agricultural Biotechnology, packaging and sharing information between institutions and building capacity of stakeholders at all levels among others. The forum is one of the platforms used to launch the education, public awareness and sensitization programmes of the Department. Visit for more information.