Center Overview

Bioresources Development Centre (BIODEC) Kano formerly known as Aquaculture Training Centre, Kano was established by the National Biotechnology Development Agency in the year 2012 to support the agency’s policy of sustainable exploration and exploitation of our indigenous bio resources. The Centre was upgraded to a Bioresource Development Centre 2014 in order to Play critical role in the use and application of emerging tools in the implementation of the Biotech policy, at the same time empowering people in Kano and its neighboring states with technical skills in order to boost food production, health, job and wealth creation.

Center Objectives

  1. Utilization of indigenous Bioresource materials to support R&D activities to generate innovation in biotechnology.
  2. Promotion and deployment of cutting-edge technologies to achieve best practices in development of indigenous Bioresources.
  3. Establishment of bio-repositories for conservation of Bioresources and protection of intellectual property rights.
  4. Development, Promotion and deployment of bio-enterprises for the public and policy formulation to encourage commercialization.
  5. Provision of bio-entrepreneurship training and services to the public.

Center Research Capacity

The center has some basic bench top equipment for basic research and equipment for artificial Insemination (A.I).

Our staff are equipped with vast array of scientific skill sets.

We have hardworking, competent and dedicated Scientific/Research Officers from different fields; with B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. in-view. The Centre’s research staff are currently enrolled for post graduate programmes.

List of Bioresources Identified:

  1. Medicinal plants
  2. Sugarcane
  3. Eucalyptus seeds and leaves
  4. Agrowastes
  5. Neem leaves
  6. Grains
  7. Animal Skins
  8. Small and large ruminants
  9. Fishes