Center Overview

Bioresources Development Centre (BIODEC), Ilesha, Osun State was established in 2018 and it became functional in 2019. The BIODEC is located at Ilesha, Osun State BIODEC Ilesha is to ensure significant empowerment grassroot empowerment of the Osun State through profitable exploitation and development of indigenous bioresources.

Center Objectives

  • To preserve and provide biological resources for scientific, industrial, agricultural, environmental and medical R&D and their applications
  • To use the indigenous bioresource materials to support R&D activities for preservation of the nation’s ecological biodiversity
  • To promote technologies and database to achieve best practices in development of indigenous bioresources
  • To establish biorepositories for developed bioresources for protection of intellectual property rights
  • To popularize the developed bio-enterprises and bio-products for public information and policy formulation to encourage commercial production
  • To provide bioentrepreneurship, agronomic, agribusiness, and biotechnology training and services to existing and prospective farmers.
  • To disseminate proven indigenous and modern biotechnologies for the use of farmers and rural dwellers.
  • To evaluate and screen crop cultivars for possible traits of interests.
  • To carry out R&D on bioresoiurces of interest for use at the grassroot.

Center Research Capacity

The staff are competent in agronomic evaluation of crops, socio-economic research in food and agricultural biotechnology.

List of Bioresoures Identified:

  1. Banana
  2. Plantain
  3. Orange
  4. Cassava
  5. Maize
  6. Cocoa
  7. Kola
  8. Pepper
  9. Tomatoes
  10. Yam
  11. Bread fruits