Center Overview

Aquatic Bio-Resources Development Centre, Pategi was established in 2017 and is located in Pategi Local Government Kwara State. The Centre is at initiation stage and various research programs and facilities are upcoming and presently more efforts are on community mobilization around the Centre’s mandate, resource mapping and problems identification which will give focus into the Centre’s research prioritization and activity plan.

Center Objectives

  1. To disseminate research product of modern aquaculture technology to local populace
  2. To up-grade native breed of sheep and goat using higher quality breeds adaptable to the environment
  3. To empower grassroot people and enhance livelihood through adoption of modern processing technology and value chain development of sheer butter, cashew, cassava and rice in the Centre’s catchment area.

List of Bioresources Identified:

  1. Aquaculture
  2. Small ruminant (sheep and goat)
  3. Sheer butter
  4. Cashew
  5. Cassava
  6. Rice