Center Overview

The Center commence on 23/12/2020 and three Principal officers were posted there (The Coordinator, The admin and the Accountant). The center has a temporary office donated by the Senator representing the Zone. It is Located at N0 2 Umo Obot road ikot- Ekpene town.

Center Objectives

  1. To harness all the Bio-resource present in Akwa-Ibom State and introduce improved varieties of different Crops to the Farmer in order to drive industrialization and encourages Job creation.
  2. Also to deploy modern technology that fits into Modern agriculture in the area of high yielding and Market Value to meet international Standard.

Center Research Capacity

  • Skill and Capacity in Macro Propagation technology (suckers multiplication of musa spp.) skill in breaking of oil-palm dormancy,
  • Skill in budding technology of different citrus species, Skill in different Agronomy practices and processing,
  • Skill in snailry production and incubation, production of Bio-organic fertilizer, apiary (Bee keeping), Poultry production
  • Skill in the establishment of Rubber plantation

List of Bioresources Identified:

  1. Plantain and Banana
  2. Oil palm
  3. Cotton
  4. Bee kepping
  5. Snailry
  6. Cassava
  7. Vegetables