The Technology and Innovation Support Centre (TISC) is a WIPO driven project aimed at providing access to technology information found in patent system around the world.

TISC NBDA is one of the 11 Centres established across strategic Nigeria National institutions such as Universities and Research Institutions.

The Centre was commissioned on the 14th June, 2017 by the DG WIPO representatives, in presence of the Former DG/CEO, NABDA Prof Lucy Ogbadu, Former Registrar, Trademarks, Patents & Designs Registry, and Director, Commercial Law Department, Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade & Investment Mr Amuga inclusive with participants from all over the country.

WIPO Framework designates the Centre under the office of the DG/CEO and is equipped with well trained staff of different profession to cater for various need of the Agency in line with TISC establishment framework for its effectiveness.

TISC NABDA has been listed on the WIPO Website with contacts already being received from around the world.


The mandate of the Centre in the Agency is to:-

Provide researchers and innovations with access to high quality Intellectual property (IP) resources, technology information services and other related services.


  • Staff access to basic information on intellectual Property
  • Staff access to online patent and non-patent (scientific and technical) resources
  • Staff access to Industrial property-related publications.
  • Assistance in searching and retrieving technical information.
  • Training in searching IP database.
  • On-demand searches (novelty, state-of-the-art and infringement)
  • Filling of application on behalf of applicants.
  • Technology and Competitor Monitoring
  • Provision of basic information on industrial property laws, management and strategy.
  • Provision of basic information on technology commercialization and marketing.
  • Periodic feasibility assessment and questionnaire survey on IP and other related services for researchers
  • Training on access to and use of patent information
  • Support to inventors in patent filling and IP commercialization
  • Provide quality services on patent search and analysis
  • Increase awareness on IP and contribute to economic growth in the country
  • Create networks and contribute to exchange of experiences
  • Monitoring the biotechnology database on innovation in the country.
  • Provision of WIPO information materials and publications regarding intellectual property rights, technology searches, licensing and enforcement of IP rights.
  • Liaising with the National IP Office on behalf of NABDA.
  • Implementation of the NABDA IP Policy on the activities of member community engagement with the Agency and outside world.


  • Sensitization program on IP for the NABDA Community
  • Facilitation of Patenting
  • Facilitation of Design Registration
  • Facilitation of Trademark Registration
  • Collation and documentation of Researches in the Agency
  • Collection and collation of research publications
  • Periodic Capacity building for researchers and scientists at the Headquarters, Zonal Centres of Excellence and BIODECs on IP and other related rights
  • Suggestion and recommendations of the DG/CEO on various aspects of research being carried out in the Agency, the BIODEC Centres and the Centres of Excellence.
  • Drafting and Development of the NABDA IP Policy to guide activities of member community engagement with the Agency and outside world.
  • Continuing capacity building of TISC Staff on WIPO based trainings and seminars.