ICT Unit

It has become an indisputable fact that ICT is a backbone for almost all activities in academics, research, industry and governance. As a matter of fact, many institutions, industry and government set their ICT office right under the chief executive office within the institutional structure and at ministerial level when it comes to government structure. This supports the fact that an exhaustive use of ICT is a key for organizational success.


The ICT unit of the National Biotechnology Development Agency (ICT – NABDA), was established in May 2014 and was set under the Director Generals office by her directives. Her directives to create the unit was born out of the fact that NABDA once had a Biotechnology Information Centre (BIC) and that there was need for full functional ICT unit to carter for all Information Technology related issues in the agency. Due to the importance attached to ICT and its applications in the area of Biotechnology, its placement under the Director General’s office is well thought of and commended.

The sole aim of establishing ICT – NABDA is to empower its capability to assist staff, research, management, and overall administrative tasks with a broad range ICT services, and also to provide consultancy and training in the area of ICT for scientific officers, researchers, administrative officers, management board and external communities.


The ICT unit proposes an articulated compelling vision to become the Centre of Excellence in utilizing the potentials of ICT in research, innovations and running of Biotechnology business for the benefits of our organization and the Nation at large.


Our mission

The unit has the overall mission of providing state of the art ICT services to the staff, researchers and externals so that it facilitate their work in line with the mandate of our organization.


The Mandate of ICT-NABDA

The ICT- NABDA is mandated to design and develop web resources to facilitate access and dissemination of Biotechnology Information.

Ensuring effective communication of NABDA policies and programs.

See to the installations, management, maintenance and updating of NABDA internetworks and databases.


Engr Ijeoma Okoye

Head, ICT Unit