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The Communication and Protocol Unit of NABDA is one of the core units of the Agency and has been in existence since the inception of the Agency.

It has organized several awareness/sensitization programmes across the country.

The Unit plays a crucial role in information dissemination, public enlightenment and advocacy.


  • Management Function on policies and activities that promote harmonious relationships between the agency and her publics.
  • Creation, Promotion and Management of corporate identity and image for the Agency through production of Radio and Television documentaries on NABDA programmes(Technical Depts. &BioDECs)
  • Engagement with stakeholders, press and public on core biotechnology.
  • Ensuring a steady two-way flow of information between the agency and the public through planning and organizing exclusive media (Radio, TV, and Newspaper) interviews for the NABDA DG/CEO on Biotechnology promotion.
  • Protocol and travel management: plan and orchestratemovement itinerary of top government officials and top management members at various occasions and events, enhance orderliness at formal and organized functions.
  • Hosting of Courtesy calls for the Agency


  • Production of Newsletters, Information Brochure, Flyers and Magazines.
  • Production of Documentaries and Jingles for Television and Radio.
  • Media Interaction with the Director General/CEO.
  • Exclusive Media Interview for the DG/CEO in print and electronic media.
  • Online publications and updates on agency’s events.
  • Yearly Training for Journalists on Biotechnology and Science reporting.
  • In-house training for unit staff.
  • Town hall meetings and Stakeholders Forum.

Nkiruka Mary-ann

Head, Communications & Protocol Unit