National Biotechnology Development Agency


The Agency was established under the aegis of the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology to implement the policy that is aimed at conducting research, promotion, coordination and development of biotechnology for Nigeria.

Our Mandates

Research & Development

Carry out well-focused research and development in biotechnology in priority areas of food and agriculture, health, industry, environment and other strategic sectors for national development and draw up programmes and policies for biotechnology utilization, research, and development in Nigeria.


Promote sustenance in development and application of acceptable and profitable technologies through strategic investments in biotechnology research and development to support innovation and economic development; ensure Nigeria becomes self-reliant in the development and application of biotechnology-based products and services.


Initiate and encourage capacity building in all aspects of biotechnology required for the implementation of cutting edge biotechnology research and development activities in Nigeria.


Conduct, Promote, Coordinate and deploy cutting edge biotechnology research and development activities in Nigeria.


Publish and disseminate research findings and recommendations of the Agency on biotechnology.


Ensure a sustainable mechanism for adequate funding of biotechnology activities through national and international funding agencies.


Create public awareness and participation in biotechnology development activities through strong advocacy programmes, seminars, conference, and workshop.


Collaborate on biotechnology with international research centers, non-governmental organization, industries, and others.

Private Sector

Encourage private sector participation in the biotechnology industry.


Our Latest Work