Environment & Bioconservation Department

To use biotechnology for the improvement of the quality of life within the carrying capacity of environmental life support systems.

MISSION : To solve and meet the socio-economic needs of people using environmentally & cost effective bio-based technologies

The department is divided into two divisions namely:

  1. Environmental Management division: This division is involved in research and development using Micro organisms in achieving a Sustainable Environmental Management System
  2. Bio-conservation Unit: This division is in charge of the conservation of biodiversity including Biosafety issues and biodiversity information system using universal protocols.

Anaerobic Digesting Bioreactor at NABDA Head Office
Designed to produce Biogas , Biofertilizer and Collection of Leachate for Analysis on the 20th july 2011, the first attempt to collect gas was done, the reactor actually produced gas but still requires some adjustment for maximum production.

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